Extensive experience in various transport modalities

Healthcare delivery

Hospital delivery

LSC-Schiphol guarantees fast, safe and regulated transport of medicine and medical foods.

Apothecary deliveries

Getting your orders on time is essential for running an apothecary. LSC-Schiphol will deliver your medicine orders safe, fast and at the right temperature.

Patient deliveries

For patients, receiving medicine and medical foods on time is essential. LSC-Schiphol guarantees on-time deliveries at the right temperature. We also instruct patients on how to best store these goods.

Online customer portal

Our customer portal allows you to check the delivery status of your parcels, create new orders, print waybills and view invoices. The entire process can be viewed and adjusted online, thus saving lots of time.

Drivers can use our mobile app to instantly see which journeys are still scheduled. This means that the planning department doesn’t have to communicate the schedule by phone. Upon delivery the receiver will sign for receipt digitally and the driver will have the opportunity to make pictures of any damage and/or the waybill. The client will immediately receive an email with the delivery details. All this information will also be sent to the customer portal in real time.

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