Safe air-freight


Air-freight has to be transported safely and fast. As of April 2013, only registered parties can deliver cargo at Schiphol directly. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee works with so-called Erkend Luchtvrachtagenten (Acknowledged Air-freight Agents), Bekende Afzenders (Known Senders) and Vaste Vervoerders (Contracted Transporters) in order to create a safe air-freight transport chain.

LSC-Schiphol is registered as a Vaste Vervoerder, we can transport and deliver your A.O.G.-parcel to the right address fast and safely. Our drivers all have a Beveiligings Medewerker Luchtvracht (Security Staff Air-freight) certificate.


We work in accordance with the CMR convention and the Dutch terms of payment in: Transport en Logistiek Nederland betalingsvoorwaarden


Nieuwemeerdijk 369

1171NW Badhoevedorp

the Netherlands