LSC-Schiphol is a certified logistics service provider for all your ADR-based transports, ie class 2 up to and including 9.

We are also certified for Class 7, radioactive substances.

ADR stands for "Accord européen relatif au transport international de marchandises Dangereuses par Route". The ADR is the pan-European treaty for the international transport of dangerous goods by road. The ADR includes requirements on, among other things:

  • criteria for hazard classification dangerous goods
  • conditions of carriage
  • packaging and tanks
  • procedures for shipping, including labeling and documentation

According to the ADR, hazardous substances and goods must be classified on the basis of their hazardous properties. The layout is the basis for the transport conditions. The criteria for the ADR classification are based on the Globally Harmonized System of classification and labeling of chemicals (GHS).


The ADR is implemented in Dutch legislation in the Dangerous Substances Transport Act (WVGS) and the Land Transport of Dangerous Substances (VLG). The VLG also contains a number of specific national rules, such as routing (the designation of roads on which hazardous substances may be transported).

Our drivers have the necessary certificates and our vehicles are equipped and meet the requirements set in the ADR-VGL. I.e. the vehicles are equipped with an ADR kit, consisting of compulsory personal equipment, fire extinguishers, marking and safety instructions for the driver.



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