Ambient deliveries

When shipping medicine or other temperature-sensitive medical products, you want to be sure that all applicable standards are being observed correctly. LSC-Schiphol uses various temperature-controlled systems. This allows us to continuously keep your medical orders within a temperature range of 15°C to 25°C. Of course we work in accordance with the GDP transport guidelines. All our drivers are GDP certified.

Refrigerated transport

With our refrigerated transport services, LSC-Schiphol guarantees the distribution of your medicine at a temperature between 2°C and 8°C throughout the entire distribution chain. The temperature of your products is continuously being monitored electronically and the temperature data gets stored. The location of each vehicle and the current temperature of the transport space can also be checked at any moment. The entire process takes place in accordance with the GDP (Good Distribution Practices) guidelines. All our drivers are GDP certified.


Dry ice

Transporting products in polystyrene boxes filled with dry ice can be the solution for small, conditioned shipments that have to remain chilled or frozen after delivery. LSC-Schiphol has many years of experience with transporting products in dry ice.


Benefits of dry ice

Dry ice has a high cooling capacity, it is odourless, tasteless and sterile. It is made using very clean production processes and it is neither toxic nor flammable. The cooling capacity is trice that of water ice. Because of these properties dry ice is being used on a large scale in the food processing industry, airline catering and the transport industry. In addition, contrarily to gel packs or cooling elements, dry ice does not warm up, causing the products to remain at the right temperature constantly. In short, it is reliable, secure, stable and clean.


We work in accordance with the CMR convention and the Dutch terms of payment in: Transport en Logistiek Nederland betalingsvoorwaarden


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